Month: April 2016

Butlers Chocolate Typography & Packaging

Typographic Ideas

Movement I chose was Late Modernism, Push Pin Studios.

Push Pin Studios was founded in 1954 by Seymour Chwast, Milton Glaser, and Edward Sorel (Reynold Ruffins joined the group shortly thereafter). A revolutionary force in the field of graphic design, the celebrated partnership began when the foursome met as students at the Cooper Union in New York City. What followed was twenty years of collaborative graphic expression, as Push Pin redefined and expanded the imprimatur of the designer, illustrator, and visual culture at large.

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Examples of their work from the past to present:

Late 1950’s

  • Focus on image, large scale
  • bold text to match the image
  • Plenty of white space, image focus is off center.
  • Black and white colours, minimal so draw the eye to the image.


Colourful poster which is the trend for the 70’s. Main character off centre, plenty of white space and fonts in bold black colour.


  • Images are placed in center as main focus. First poster, orange figure to draw the eye. Complimentary colours. White lettering to stand out from the blue background.


Most of Push Pin Studios works focuses on illustrations. The illustrations are placed in the middle or off centre (rule of thirds) off the grid  and text either at top or bottom.

1984                                                   1999


Fonts used by Push Pin Studios:

Hologram Shadow , 1977

Baby Fat, 1960

Kitchen , 1960

Sesame place , 1980

Font I chose for the Butler’s project:

Designed by Seymour Chwast, 1981

Chwast Buffalo Black Condensed

Chwast Buffalo Black Condensed

Chwast Buffalo Black Condensed

The type looks good on a large scale/ size. In smaller size would be difficult to read. I picked it out because it was designed by one of the founders of Push Pin Studios and it matches my illustrations giving it a more playful look.

I’m using capital letters at the beginning of each word and lower case as in the image below. For the ingredients, I used an easier to read font which was Myriad Pro. The design would be printed on beige paper, matte finish.

butlers_100gm_bar (2)

With a colored band to indicate the type of chocolate.

Before reaching that conclusion I explored a few other options from different art movements.

Wrapper inspired by Art Deco Movement:

Using Odalisque Font. Butlers Logo on the top following the existing wrapper.


Another option is a wrapper inspired by Dadaism, Max Ernst’s collage work using Victorian engravings.

The font was picked from Victorian Fonts. Different thickness and types to give it a collage look.

Collage work by Max Ernst.

butlers_100gm_bar (2)

Coloured bands to wrap around the bars with a limerick using the same Victorian fonts.

Sites used for fonts: