Curly Kale


We are to design a brand for the college’s caterer. They are known as the Curly Kale, serving healthy food like vegetarian sambos and salads.Based on a meeting with Maria, her requirements are for us to come up with designs for the menu boards, signage, boards with quotes. To use a vintage themed and pastel colors. Below are key words from the brief:

  • healthy eating
  • Vintage styled Illustrations
  • international recipes/global cuisine
  • benefits of healthy eating
  • homemade
  • cultural gastronomy baked & cooked daily
  • humour
  • playful
  • open, friendly

List of requirements:

  1. Logo
  2. A4 Menu
  3. Chalkboard Menu
  4. Inspirational quote signs
  5. Benefits of healthy food poster
  6. Brand Identity


Below are images of the purple curly kale:

Vintage menus and restaurant logo design samples:

A Fresh colour combination with simple illustrations of food and drink made into a pattern.


Logos using vector images and block colors.

Simple design, block colours. Circular logo with text at the bottom.

Restaurant Logos

Sushi made into a person.

Restaurant Logos

A mushroom image at the beginning of the logo.

Restaurant Logos

Scribbly illustration and colored text.

Few ideas: to use illustrated figures to match the college logo, and also to represent the caterers and students. To focus on faces as the eye is always drawn to them.

Pin up girls as mascot:


Idea for quote boards, pin up girl and text:

Vegetable or food with chef body:

Kale outlines with moustache and beard: to represent the chef, Mr. Charlie.


More images of curly kale, study of a leaf:

Sites visited:

What is kale

Purple curly kale blossoms/flowers:

Ideas drawn with Adobe Illustrator:


Samples of Chalkboard designs

Idea was to use simple images that represent fantasy & magic. Example: hot air balloons zeppelin etc.

Here are images of the cafeteria in Coolock:

The Menu Board:

They have this timber table/counter in the Raheny branch as well. Idea is to paint each strip in different colours.


Charlie wanted to decorate the piano wall with a play me signage. It’s to encourage  students to play the piano. Idea is to use colourful picture frames from Ikea with either illustration of students/vege/fruits and quotes healthy eating benefits.IMG_20160113_112039IMG_20160113_110559

The boss aka Pablo Escobar aka Charlie. From Venezuela.


A copy of a typical menu:


A closer look at the menu board behind the counter.


A few colour Combinations:

Taken from this site:

pastel sunset color paletteColor Palette No. 1055

Colourful menu ideas: A simple illustration and few colours with white background, makes the text easier to read.

More logo ideas with pink, turquoise and brown colour combinations:

The idea was to illustrate faces as shown below to represent the caterers and students. Everyday people who everyone can relate to. Different colours to represent different fruits and vegetables. Each has their own personality.

Or to come up with illustrations based on ‘Limericks and Other Nonsense’ featured illustrations by Chwast, Reynold Ruffins, and Milton Glaser.

Taken from:






Character with vegetables as outfitspushpin5


Below are illustrations done with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop:

Menu or Chalkboard Menu: (Chef’s head surrounded by fruits and vegetables, and balancing on oversized fruits, with a loudspeaker in hand:



From a distance, can’t really make out the words on the board. Need to come up with better fonts.Inspiration board:


Benefits of healthy eating:


Idea to use brown paper with black illustrations and handwritten text:

Victorian engravings:

The outcome: Using Clasica Striped Fonts, matches the illustrations.

victorian inspi

Final outcome:

Using brown paper with illustration and Clasica Striped fonts to match.

Poster for benefits of vege/fruits:




Inspirational Quote Signs:


Menu Template:


Blackboard Menu:


Experiment illustrating on newspaper prints:

Final Outcome:

Logo in colour, black & white:

A3 logo.jpg

Blackboard Menu:


Inspirational Quotes:


Benefits of healthy eating:



I was inspired by the illustrations of Push Pin Studios, especially issue #20 Limericks and other Nonsense. I loved the simplicity, the humour and had a vintage look to it. Inspired by those characters, I created my own and added colour to the vegetables and fruits to make them stand out. I used ball point pens and colour pencils to illustrate each character. The illustrations were made to look surreal and humourous by exaggerating the size of the vegetables and by making a man with a moustache wear a dress. The brown paper texture to enhance the illustrations and give the brand a uniformed look. The font I chosed was Clasica Striped font which was downloaded from It has striped lines which is similar to Victorian engraving and matches the illustrations. As for the blackboard, I chose white chalk colour and text so it could easily be read and be wiped off for changes. I chose coloured chalk for the headings as to stand out form the rest of the text. The logo or illustration will be printed out on paper that has adhesive on the back. Easily stick on the bottom or upper corner of the board. Business cards, letterheads and food labels could be printed on brown cards that could be purchased at KM & Evans or any stationery shop.

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