Word as an image

Word as an image project

Words chosen are Evil and Fear.

Here are the options I’ve done, first with sketches then Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

The idea was Fear of death. Men burdened by Death, and a gravestone symbol. Options done:


Money is the root of all evil, color red chosen, likeness to Nazi color and propaganda posters.

Final outcome:



Sample images found online. An image and text.

typography-in-webdesign27 images (2) download (2) images (1)


Vintage type images:

c9e7634f33bf73bcf068d497a568d9a4 vint-typo-1 GoMedia_tutorial_Jan2013

Images associated with fear and evil:

Money is the root of all evil quote:


Icon of Hitler and the Nazis

iconpopmania-134 swastika-adolf-hitler-and-movies-7516872-1280-1024

Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil

images (3) skeleton-no-evil

Vintage death as skeleton

1381192179-1 78a9dc46f82386c7ea1e5638743f7415 150px-CathedralOfTrier_Skeleton download (3)

Tombstones to symbolize the fear of death

81RQNMFnGFL._SL1500_ tombstone_final

Sketch for the word Fear done in sketchbook:

word as an image

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